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Eco-Friendly Lifestyles and Home Designs

Live Green With Us

St. Patrick's Day and Living Dunes have one big thing in common: GREEN! While St. Patrick's Day is only observed for one day, Living Dunes, a new Grande Dunes community in Myrtle Beach, celebrates being green everyday. Designed with sustainability, healthy and smart living as our guiding ideals, at Living Dunes we actively promote a better today and tomorrow.

A Simply Smart & Sustainable Mission

We are creating a neighborhood of custom homes that are crafted with character and charm, embracing the green building techniques of CRG Companies and maximizing energy efficient technology while instilling a genuine sense of community by connecting neighbors with the environment. Created with many eco-friendly living features from design to construction to home automation, Living Dunes residents enjoy the opportunity to interact with nature and their neighbors nourishing a sense of togetherness and responsibility allowing for a better quality of life that not only benefits you but our environment too.

An Environmentally Friendly Community

Focused on environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible lifestyles, Living Dunes homeowners have access to an abundance of natural amenities.

Our commitment to sustainability means:

  • Natural gas community, the cleanest fossil fuel resulting in less pollution
  • 10 acres of lakes home to local wildlife
  • Utilizing landscaping for trails and green spaces allowing residents to enjoy the simplicity of nature

A prime location on the North end of Myrtle Beach, residents have convenient access to everyday necessities lessening the need and distance of automotive transportation reducing emissions.

Just a short walk or golf cart ride away:

Green Home Design

Living Dunes green methods are not exclusive to the outdoors though as our construction and design of the homes themselves implement green practices and technology as a standard, that’s well above any standard you’re used to! Our materials are higher quality, longer lasting, and more durable to reduce carbon footprints and prevent negative impacts on the local and global ecosystem with cutting edge technology that cuts down on waste, conserves natural resources, and improves air and water quality.


Eco-friendly Products Are Standard at Living Dunes Dunes

All of our homes include:

Energy Efficient LED Bulbs- A more efficient, durable, versatile, and longer lasting bulb than traditional lighting, Energy Efficient LED bulbs don’t produce heart or “burn out”- instead the light source depreciates. A safer more cost effective choice for sure!

Rinnai Tankless Gas Water Heater- Providing energy efficient, environmentally-friendly water heating in our new homes, this Rinnai system uses an internal gas-powered heat exchanger that heats water on demand, resulting in endless hot water, the ability to operate multiple appliances simultaneously without delay, and consistent temperatures. This system also produces very low NOx emissions compared to other types of gas and electric water heaters which is better for the environment and provides significant energy cost savings.

Low-VOC Paint Coatings- Paints that are not Low VOC contain solids and liquids that convert to gas or vapor including the chemical compound found in antifreeze, benzene, and a variety of other flammable and toxic chemicals. Low-VOC paints are safest for your health and the environment.

Superior Insulation- Insulating your home well improves your homes energy performance and lessens its environmental impact. With roughly %40 of all home energy consumed by heating and cooling of living spaces, insulation helps to maintain a consistent internal temperature of your home allowing for less usage and lower monthly utility bills.

LOW-E Doors and Windows- The most important way these doors and windows perform is by preventing heat from the sun's radiation from entering the home. Low-E doors and windows are scientifically designed to alleviate the expense of heating and cooling and reduce the amount of energy needed to maintain your homes temperature.

Energy Monitoring System- A smart home with energy monitoring technology makes it simple to view your electricity usage and save money. If you know how much energy your home is using, where, and when it’s using it, you can better respond to that usage and reduce your amount of energy consumption.

15 SEER-Rated Dual-Fuel HVAC System- An air conditioner and gas furnace, this dual system uses gas and electricity respectively using the most efficient source for the season. All-electric and all-gas methods don’t have these options.

Elmwood Fine Custom Cabinetry- Elmwood is part of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer’s Association Environmental Stewardship Program providing custom cabinetry that follows strict compliances of air quality, resource management, processes, and community relations. Elmwood products are manufactured to reduce pollution, waste, and promote resource sustainability.

For Now And The Future

Living Dunes is developing a new coastal lifestyle and model for positive change in Myrtle Beach. Welcoming front porches mixed with parks and local shops bring together our neighbors and nature to experience a simpler more satisfying way of life. We are committed to sustainability, quality and the growth of our local community. Reserve your seat on the porch today at Living Dunes! Contact a member of our Sales Team for more information.

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Living Dunes is a Living Beach LLC development. Construction and real estate sales will be managed by CRG Companies, Inc.

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