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Living Dunes

Inspired by a vision to create more than just a collection of homes, Living Dunes developers worked with both local and national leaders in the industry to develop a community that would define the term neo-traditional with a focus on bringing together the best of the old with the best of the new. From concept, through planning, and now construction, developers have maintained a focus on the future of their residents and Myrtle Beach to ensure homes are not only built to last, but to contribute to a healthy environment, and to support our growing population that seeks something a little different.


Our Developer

Living Dunes is a development of Living Beach, a local company focused on community revitalization through residential housing. Their work in the Myrtle Beach community ranges from new home construction to property management. They have several rental properties that provide both short term and long term rentals, many of which were existing homes renovated fully to provide updated accommodations. Living Beach believes that careful planning, efficient designs, and skillful professionals can create and preserve communities for future generations. With a core focus on moving from subdivisions towards living in neighborhoods and communities that support each as well as other encourage growth and sustainability, Living Beach is proud to call Living Dunes the first of many future developments on the South Carolina Coast.


A Foundation in Design

Nashville based, Land Print Studio, was selected to turn a vision of a walkable, green neighborhood that encouraged an active lifestyle and friendly environment, into a well-planned liveable community that would maximize every inch of the 52-acre site to its fullest potential. Known for their conceptual work, land planning, and urban design, their architects worked closely with both Living Beach and local engineers, planners, and the CRG Companies home design team to ensure Living Dunes would fit naturally into the Myrtle Beach, and Grande Dunes, community.


The New Standard

Aside from the community focused lifestyle, Living Dunes homes bring together quality construction practices with leading edge technology and environmentally friendly materials as a standard. Local home design, construction, real estate brokerage, CRG Companies, was selected to handle the sales and construction of Living Dunes based on their reputation for a higher standard of construction that involves designing and building with the end-user in mind as well as the environment.

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Living Dunes is a Living Beach LLC development. Construction and real estate sales will be managed by CRG Companies, Inc.

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