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The Spray Foam Insulation Advantage

Live A Healthier Life with Spray Foam

Equally, if not more, as important as the look of your home is how you’re home functions and what it holds “behind the walls” where you can’t see! At Living Dunes, all of our new homes are built to a higher standard than you will find with typical production neighborhoods. One of our standards, Spray Foam Insulation, is modern, high-performance material that’s designed to unprecedented barrier to control air leakage and we are proud to by Myrtle Beach’s first community to include spray foam as a standard in all homes.

Why Spray Foam Insulation? This unique method of home insulation and air-sealing permeates into gaps and cracks to form an unprecedented barrier to control air leakage.

Attic With Spray Foam

Good For You & Your Environment

Spray foam is not only eco-friendly in it’s efficiency but it’s healthier for the environment and your family! Installed in the exterior walls and attics of every Living Dunes home, spray foam contains no Formaldehyde, a known respiratory irritant that’s used as a binding agent in fiberglass insulation which has been proven to cause major health issues. You also won’t find CFCs or HCFCs which are potent greenhouse gases that deplete the ozone.

The Spray Foam Advantage

A liquid spray application, spray foam is made up of millions of tiny cells. These cells are filled with air to provide permanent control of air and airborne moisture movement. Expanding up to 100x within seconds of being sprayed, it permanently adheres to the surfaces of the surrounding building materials, sealing all gaps.

In addition to superior insulation and air leakage control, Living Dunes homeowners will enjoy these additional Spray Foam benefits:

  • Reduction of outside noise
  • Protection against moisture build-up from our humid climate which causes wood rot and mold
  • Improved indoor air quality due to the elimination of unwanted airborne irritants
  • Elimination of pest entering your house and walls

Traditional insulation simply cannot offer the same level of protection without additional sealants that are not always eco-friendly. This environmentally safe product is just one more of the higher standards you will find at Living Dunes. Check out the full list here or contact us to schedule a tour to experience Living Dunes first hand!



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