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Understanding Coastal Flood Zones

New Grande Dunes Community – Living Dunes Not Located Within A Flood Zone

When considering a relocation to Myrtle Beach, your first step is to determine which of the many communities that comprise the Grand Strand best suits your next move. Once you have narrowed it down, determining if the home or neighborhood you have selected is within a flood zone should be among your top priorities. Living Dunes, a new community in the Grande Dunes section of Myrtle Beach, boasts a multitude of excellent construction standards, technology, and home finishes however among the most important is its’ ideal location and proximity to the beach … all while being situated entirely outside of a flood zone!

Why Flood Zones (or lack thereof) Are Important

But what does Living Dunes not being within a flood zone really mean to you and why does it matter? Many Myrtle Beach homeowners live on land or within a community that is mapped as a current flood zone and by law, federally regulated mortgage lenders require flood insurance for properties with a high risk of flooding because standard homeowners insurance doesn’t cover the damage. For many homeowners, living within a flood zone means home insurance policies that are impacted with pricey premiums due in part to the amount of damage that is likely to be caused to one’s home in the event of a flood.

* Note: The surrounding purple highlighted areas are located within local flood zones.

Good News for Living Dunes Residents

The developers of Living Dunes took extra precaution in selection the location of this Grande Dunes neighborhood, accounting for unforeseen expenses and issues while selecting a prime Myrtle Beach location. Therefore residents can enjoy coastal living without this mandatory, costly insurance that other neighborhoods in our area, especially ones within a few blocks from the shoreline, are required to not only pay the increased insurance policies but are also greatly prone to increasing rates and additional damage in the event of a strong storm. Living Dunes is unique in many ways and our superior location to everyday conveniences as well as outside the Myrtle Beach flood zones is just one of the many reasons we invite you to reserve your seat on the front porch. Contact a member of our sales team today to learn more.



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Living Dunes is a Living Beach LLC development. Construction and real estate sales are managed by CRG Homes.