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Smarter Living In A Natural Gas Community

Fuelling Your Home With Clean, Natural Energy

An eco friendly community that boasts, Living Smart, Living Dunes is proud to have partnered with SCE&G as a natural gas community in the Grande Dunes. Offering convenience, efficiency, and savings, natural gas is a clean alternative to electric energy.

Natural gas significantly improves local air quality while reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and harmful pollutants making it an easy step to take in preparing for a cleaner, greener community in the future.

natural gas community in myrtle beach

Living Dunes homes will utilize natural gas for:

  • Rinnai® Tankless Gas Water Heater
  • Heating & Gas Fireplaces
  • Gas stove tops for cooking
  • Outdoor connection for grilling (offered as an optional upgrade to our standard homes)

Let’s talk about the benefits of natural gas inside your home & what it means for you…

  1. For those who love to be in the kitchen, natural gas allows for faster more precise heating. With a simple turn of the dial, the flame is easily manipulated to immediately change to the necessary temperature.
  2. If the electricity goes out, your natural gas line is unaffected. This mean you can still heat water and enjoy uninterrupted cooking.
  3. Increase the comfort of your home while lowering energy costs. Cooling and heating account for a large majority of the monthly utilities to run your home but utilizing natural gas for heat, along with your tankless hot water heater, can save hundreds of dollars annually in utility expenses.
  4. Our Rinnai® tankless gas water heaters are renowned for their quality, efficiency, and cost savings in monthly bills. Gas water heaters heat water faster than most electric units allowing you to enjoy plenty of endless hot water, whenever you need it. Back to back showers? Just threw in a load of laundry? No problem!
  5. Because natural gas is delivered through underground pipelines by SCE&G, your energy source is safe from the effects of heavy storms and extreme weather conditions. Rinnai® tankless gas water heaters are low maintenance and long-lasting.
  6. In addition to our natural gas lanterns provide beautiful ambience to the curb appeal of your home. The connections outdoors also mean you can transform your patio area into a true living space supplying the energy for grilling and fire pits!

Live Smart Now For The Future

Environmental awareness is one of the most important elements in the design and way of life for Living Dunes. With a growing concern for climate change, carbon emissions, and air quality, Living Dunes homes are HERS rated for energy efficiency and utilizing natural gas is just one of the many standards that make Living Dunes a smart choice for your next Myrtle Beach home.

Visit our community today to see learn more about the higher standards we offer and talk with an on-site Agent about homes for sale.

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Living Dunes is a Living Beach LLC development. Construction and real estate sales will be managed by CRG Companies, Inc.

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